Spatial heterogeneity of physical properties of the soils in Ukraine

  • V. Medvedev -
  • I. Plysko -
Keywords: soil spatial heterogeneity, physical properties, precise tillage


Aim. To investigate structural composition (lumpiness), bulk density and penetration resistance in soils of Polissia, Forest-Steppe and Steppe. Methods. The experimental plots were allocated on the fi elds in a regular network. The measurements performed before harvesting testifi ed to an equilibrium condition of soil physi- cal properties. The data ware processed by the geostatistical method. Results. The key parameters of spatial heterogeneity (variation factors, histograms, autocorrelation function, variogrammes, 2-D and 3-D diagrams, etc.) were received. The heterogeneity of physical properties, revealed in all soils, is characterized by moderate and increased values. As a result the investigated fi elds were divided into three agrotechnological groups by qualitative parameters of their physical properties. Conclusions. The recommendations on pre-sowing or basic tillage of various intensity – without tillage (if parameters are close to the requirements of the sown culture), with moderate tillage of zone type (if parameters are close to modal values) and with tillage of the enhanced intensity (if parameters are unsatisfactory and more intensive pre-sowing tillage is required) were formulated for each group.
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Medvedev, V., & Plysko, I. (2016). Spatial heterogeneity of physical properties of the soils in Ukraine. Agricultural Science and Practice, 3(1), 3-16.