“Ukrainian soil properties” database and its application

  • T. Laktionova -
  • V. Medvedev -
  • K. Savchenko -
  • O. Bigun -
  • S. Nakis’ko -
  • S. Sheyko -
Keywords: database, soil, attributive data, soil properties, profile


The structure and the main characteristics of the multi-purpose soil database “Ukrainian Soil Properties”, de- signed on the basis of the data of long-term soil studies comprisin, analysis of the samples and mapping of the soils are presented. The attributive data for the 2,075 soil profiles are ranked and grouped into nine separate thematic tables. The key field of each table is the indexing number for the soil profile. It ensures a genuine link between the profile sets of attributive data and the cartographic units on the soil maps in the different scales, on the map chart of economic and agricultural zoning and the administrative map of Ukraine. The main indicators of the soil properties were determined; the legends of both Ukrainian and the WRB classifications were used to code the names of soils. The main results of scientific research were listed, including the ones, obtained in the framework of international projects, implemented using the mentioned database.
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Laktionova, T., Medvedev, V., Savchenko, K., Bigun, O., Nakis’ko, S., & Sheyko, S. (2015). “Ukrainian soil properties” database and its application. Agricultural Science and Practice, 2(3), 3-8. https://doi.org/10.15407/agrisp2.03.003