Pedotransfer Modeling In Precision Agriculture

  • V. Medvedev -
Keywords: pedotransfer models, soil texture, structure, humus content, agrotechnological enclosures of a fi eld


Aims. To fi nd opportunities for application of the pedotransfer models in planning of the precise agriculture using spherical variograms’ uniformity, similar values of dispersion thresholds and correlation radii, authentic correlation connections between baseline and functional soil parameters. Methods. Both the soil texture and humus content are used as the base components of the models, while the indicators for soil tillage method choice, such as, structural composition, bulk density and penetration resistance – as the effectiveness functions. Results. The agrotechnological contours for differentiation of soil tillage intensity revealed on the basis of settlement models and natural researches on a fi eld appeared to be similar enough both as for confi guration and area. Conclusions. Pedotransfer models are perspective in precise agriculture under condition of development of remote methods of defi nition of base parameters.
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Medvedev, V. (2014). Pedotransfer Modeling In Precision Agriculture. Agricultural Science and Practice, 1(2), 12-19.