Role of chromium (III) in the nutrition of pigs and cattle

  • R. Iskra -
  • V. Vlizlo -
  • R. Fedoruk -
Keywords: chromium, pigs, cattle, nutrition, nanobiotechnology


The results of our studies and the data of modern literature regarding the biological role of Cr(III) compounds in conditions of their application in the nutrition for pigs and cattle are discussed. The metabolic impact of Cr(III), coming from different sources – mineral and organic compounds, obtained by chemical synthesis or a nanotechnological method (chromium citrate), as well as in the form of biocomplexes from the cultural medium of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts was analyzed. The metabolic connection between the impact of Cr(III) and the biosynthesis of some hormones – insulin, cortisol – as well as the sensitivity of some tissues and organs to the effect of chromium compounds was studied. A considerable part of the review material was dedicated to the metabolic effect of Cr(III) compounds on the reproductive function of pigs and cattle and their impact on the viability of the offspring and gametes of animals. The data about the stimulating effect of Cr(III) on the growth and development of the organism of piglets and calves, meat and milk performance of these species of animals are discussed. The relevance of dosing Cr(III) in the nutrition of pigs and cattle is highlighted.
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Iskra, R., Vlizlo, V., & Fedoruk, R. (2016). Role of chromium (III) in the nutrition of pigs and cattle. Agricultural Science and Practice, 3(2), 56-62.