Biological efficiency of citrates of microelements in animal breeding

  • R. Iskra -
  • V. Vlislo -
  • R. Fedoruk -
Keywords: citrates, trace elements, livestock, nanotechnology


To ensure normal functioning of the organism of animals, the maintenance of their vital functions, the growth and development of the young animals, their productive and reproductive capacities, it is necessary to ensure their full nutrition. Unbalanced mineral nutrition in the diet of the animals leads to the impairments of mineral metabolism in their body. One of the most promising way of obtaining micronutrients with guaranteed safety and bioticity is the use of the achievements of nanotechnology and bioorganic chemistry for the synthesis of organometallic biocomplexes, in particular, citrates. The Institute of Animal Biology of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine conducts studies to fi nd out the physiological and biochemical mechanisms of the action of nanoaquacitrate minerals in the organism of animals in different periods of ontogenetic devel- opment and productive use. It has been established that the trace elements of microelements are biologically active and safe for health, and their use in livestock breeding leads to increased animal vitality and productivity.
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Iskra, R., Vlislo, V., & Fedoruk, R. (2017). Biological efficiency of citrates of microelements in animal breeding. Agricultural Science and Practice, 4(3), 28-34.