Influence of natural selection on the reproductive function of bulls

  • V. Kozyr -
  • V. Barabash -
Keywords: a bull, keeping, reproduction, sperm


Aim. To investigate the infl uence of natural selection of bulls during tethered and non-tethered keeping on their reproductive function. Methods. Observation of analogue groups in different conditions of keeping, yet with the identical level of feeding and using, ethological methods of the behavior of animals in a herd and in a “mini- herd”, zootechnical, genetic-mathematical, biometric and modelling methods. Results. It was established that dominant animals in the herd oppress the sexual ability of their subordinates, causing the decrease in their libido, erection, quality of sperm (as far as to the impotence). Conclusions. The infl uence of natural selection on the sexual potency of breeding bulls during their non-tethered keeping and some ethological specifi cities during the tethered keeping were established along with the reactions of an organism depending on the type of body composition and build. The application of the revealed regularities facilitates the work regarding the selection of bulls while evaluating the quality of the sperm production and ensuring the increase in the number of their offspring in further generations.
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Kozyr, V., & Barabash, V. (2017). Influence of natural selection on the reproductive function of bulls. Agricultural Science and Practice, 4(1), 20-27.