Formation of potato microtubers in vitro depending on temperature and light intensity

  • Yu. Lavrynenko -
  • R. Vozhegova -
  • H. Balashova -
  • O. Kotova -
  • B. Kotov -
Keywords: potato, microtubers, temperature mode, light intensity, in vitro


Aim. To specify optimal techniques infl uencing the increase of intensity of potato tuber formation in meristem culture in vitro. Methods. Integrated use of laboratory, mathematical and statistical, calculation and compari- son methods and the method of systematic analysis. Results. The paper represents experimental data about the infl uence of temperature and light intensity on the induction of tuber formation under microclonal reproduction of the health-improved initial material. It proves that the decisive factor in the process of morphogenesis of plants in vitro of the early maturing potato variety Kobza and their productivity is temperature conditions for cultivation. Conclusions. Optimal indexes of productivity and economic effi ciency are maintained by grow- ing test-tube plants under the temperature of cultivation of 14–16 oС and the light intensity of 3,000 lux. The number of microtubers per plant was 1.2 pieces, the weight of an average microtuber was 262,0 mg, the weight of microtubers per plant was 363,7 mg, the number of microtubers weighing more than 350,0 mg was 20,9 %; the cost price of microtubers was 5,31 UAH with the profi tability of 201 %.
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Lavrynenko, Y., Vozhegova, R., Balashova, H., Kotova, O., & Kotov, B. (2016). Formation of potato microtubers in vitro depending on temperature and light intensity. Agricultural Science and Practice, 3(3), 73-78.