The study of the properties of the novel virucidal disinfectant

  • A. Paliy -
  • B. Stegniy -
  • D. Muzyka -
  • A. Gerilovych -
  • O. Korneykov -
Keywords: disinfectant, virus, virucidal properties, cell culture, chicken embryos, concentration, exposition


Prevention measures are crucial in actual production, whereas the outbreak of a disease requires immediate detection and elimination of the source of infection as well as complex veterinary and sanitary measures. Here the critical role is attributed to disinfection, which breaks the epizootic chain due to the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms on the objects under veterinary surveillance and involves the application of various disinfectants. Aim. The study of virucidal properties of the novel disinfectant DZPT-2. Methods. The culture technique was used at the fi rst stage of studies to determine the embryotoxic effect of the preparation on chicken embryos and the cytotoxic effect of the disinfectant on BHK-21 cell culture. The second stage of experiments envisaged the study of virucidal effect of the disinfectant using both the suspension method, test- objects (batiste, wood, glazed tile, metal, glass) and the bioburden. Results. The experiments using the agent of bovine viral diarrhea demonstrated that the disinfectant DZPT-2 in the concentration of 1.0 % of the active ingredient (AI) when exposed for at least 30 min and in the concentration of 1.5 % of AI when exposed for 15– 60 min disinfects all the test-objects, contaminated by the virus, completely. When exposed for up to 15 min, the disinfectant DZPT-2 does not demonstrate its virucidal effect on Newcastle disease virus, but it disinfects all the test-objects, contaminated by the mentioned virus, when used in the concentration of 0.5–1.0 % of AI and exposed for at least 30 min. Conclusions. It was determined that the preparation DZPT-2 demonstrates its virucidal properties in the concentration of 0.5 % of AI (Newcastle disease virus) and 1.0 % of AI (agent of bovine viral diarrhea) when exposed for 30 min. The new disinfectant DZPT-2 is a promising preparation to be used in practical veterinary medicine to prevent and fi ght viral diseases of farm livestock and poultry.
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Paliy, A., Stegniy, B., Muzyka, D., Gerilovych, A., & Korneykov, O. (2016). The study of the properties of the novel virucidal disinfectant. Agricultural Science and Practice, 3(3), 41-47.