Self-regulation and management of fertility restoration of typical chernozem in agroecosystems

  • O. Demydenko -
  • V. Velichko -
Keywords: soil-protective tillage, tillage system, agroecosystem, natural fertility, self-regulation, self-organization, cultural soil-formation


Aim. To investigate the process of enhancing the self-organization and self-regulation of chernozem towards natural organization under the impact of long-term soil-protective surface tillage and to determine its impact on enhancing the ability of chernozem to adapt to environmental changes, preserving agroecological stability of the agroecosystem of the Left-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. Methods. Field, laboratory, computational, mathematical and statistical. Results. The complex years-long studies (1992–2015) demonstrated that the com- bination of soil-protective technologies of cultivating crops in the agroecosystems is a factor of affecting the character, orientation and self-regulation of energy- and mass exchange in a complicated network of interac- tions and interrelations of chernozems in agroecosystems. The determinant and governing impact in restoring the fertility of typical chernozem in the Left-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine is soil-protective technologies of cultivating agricultural crops, based on surface tillage. The energy-wise appropriateness of creating the porous space of chernozem in conditions of soil-protective treatment should be deemed as thermodynamic code of soil formation or the process of implementing the “memory” about the morphogenicity of spatial soil form of chernozem of a high self-organization degree, which is in direct correlation with the process of enhancing the residual features of natural soil formation and accumulative orientation of fertility indices. Conclusions. The soil-protective system of agriculture should be viewed as a complex of methods and technologies of systemic or ecologically reasonable use of anthropogenic and natural energy resources. It creates the background to solve the main problem of agriculture – rational use of chernozem fertility with simultaneous extensive resto- ration, which ensures more complete use of the bioclimatic potential with optimal exploitation of natural and anthropogenic resources of the Left-Bank Forest-Steppe territory.
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Demydenko, O., & Velichko, V. (2016). Self-regulation and management of fertility restoration of typical chernozem in agroecosystems. Agricultural Science and Practice, 3(2), 63-78.