Genetic structure of ukrainian large white pigs, estimated using mitochondrial DNA-markers

  • K. Pocherniayev -
Keywords: Large White pigs, haplotype, haplogroup, PCR, AFLP, mitochondrial DNA


Aim. To study the genetic structure of Ukrainian Large White pigs using mitochondrial DNA-markers. Methods. Multiplex PCR-AFLP analysis, remarkable for the investigation of D-loop fragment between posi- tions 15531 and 15959 of the pig mitochondrial genome with one monomorphic 15558W and fi ve polymorphic sites TasI 15580T > C, 15616T > C, 15714T > C, 15758T > C, 15916A > T, was used. The presence or absence of site TasI in the abovementioned positions determines mitochondrial DNA haplotypes, indicated with Latin letters from A to P. Results. Seven mitochondrial DNA haplotypes of different frequency were revealed among Ukrainian Large White pigs. The highest frequency was noted for haplotypes G (0.141), J1 (0.133) and N (0.591), previously described for wild pigs of Belgium, France, Italy (G); wild pigs of Japan and China, Meis- han and Large White breeds (J1) and wild pigs of Japan and China, Berkshire and Large White breeds (N). The frequency for haplotype L (Belgian wild pig and Large White) is 0.022; haplotype A (French wild boar, Mangalica, Duroc) − 0.003; haplotype C (wild pig of France, Belgium, Poland, Israel and Landrace, Welsh breeds) − 0.092. Haplotype B1 (0.019) was revealed in Myrgorod breed, Poltava Meat and Red White Belted breeds, bred on its basis. Conclusions. The haplogroup of mitochondrial DNA of Ukrainian Large White pigs includes seven haplotypes of mitochondrial DNA. Pigs with haplotypes G, J1, N and L may be referred to rep- resentatives of Ukrainian Large White pigs, which did not have introgression of maternal line of other breeds.
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Pocherniayev, K. (2016). Genetic structure of ukrainian large white pigs, estimated using mitochondrial DNA-markers. Agricultural Science and Practice, 3(1), 61-65.