The state and prospects of hop-growing industry in the conditions of eurointegration

  • T. Priymachuk -
  • T. Sytnikova -
  • A. Protsenko -
  • T. Shtanko -
Keywords: hop-growing industry, hop products, market, demand, supply, integration


Aim. To substantiate the prerequisites of increasing the level of competitiveness and effi ciency of domestic hop- growing industry on the road of Eurointegration and entering the international market. Methods. The following methods were used: statistical and economic method, comparative analysis, abstract-logical method. Results. It was established that supply and demand as well as the level of prices for hop products depend on the trends in the international market of hop and on the needs of brewing industry. The key factors of impacting the formation of supply and demand and the possibility of providing for it at domestic hop-producing enterprises are found to be the organization of the production process with the least loss of resources, the availability of competitive varie- ties, a wide range of quality products of the processing. The fulfi llment of the mentioned conditions is possible via the integration of efforts in the spheres of hop products manufacturing, the sale of the latter and support ser- vices. Conclusions. The improvement of the effi ciency of Ukrainian hop-growing industry will benefi t from the development of integration processes, based on the cooperation between adjacent fi elds to form reliable industrial and sales relations and wide access to resources, the adjustment of Ukrainian standards for hop prod- ucts and the variety assortment of cultivated hop in line with the European requirements.
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Priymachuk, T., Sytnikova, T., Protsenko, A., & Shtanko, T. (2015). The state and prospects of hop-growing industry in the conditions of eurointegration. Agricultural Science and Practice, 2(3), 42-48.