Genotyping of New Zealand White Rabbits by PCR-RFLP Markers

  • Ye. Shevchenko -
  • K. Kopylov -
Keywords: New Zealand white rabbit, myostatin, progesterone receptor, production


Aim. To investigate the genetic structure of New Zealand white rabbits population by different types of DNA- markers. Methods. The individual genotypes of animals were identifi ed using the polymerase chain reaction with further determination of the restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP-analysis). Results. The data on the distribution of allele variants of molecular markers in the population of rabbits were obtained; the impact of the genotype factor on meat production, prolifi cacy and milk production traits was determined. The relationship between genotypes by polymorphic DNA-markers of myostatin and progesterone receptor of animals and the values of meat productivity traits and reproduction capability was established. It was demonstrated that TT homozygotes excel other animals in the indices of average daily growth, while GG homozygotes excel others in prolifi cacy. Conclusions. The “desired” genotypes by myostatin gene (CC) and myostatin of rabbits were revealed. They may be used for targeted selection with the purpose of increasing the indices of meat production.
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Shevchenko, Y., & Kopylov, K. (2015). Genotyping of New Zealand White Rabbits by PCR-RFLP Markers. Agricultural Science and Practice, 2(2), 21-25.