Influence of humus acids on mobility and biological availability of iron, zinc and copper

  • A. Fateev -
  • D. Semenov -
  • K. Smirnova -
  • A. Shemet -
Keywords: soil, trace elements, humic acids, fulvic acids, mobility, accessibility


Soil organic matter is known as an important condition for the mobility of trace elements in soils, their geo- chemical migration and availability to plants. However, various components of soil organic matter have differ- ent effect on these processes due to their signifi cant differences in structure and properties. Aim. To establish the role of humic and fulvic acids in the process of formation of microelement mobility in soils and their accu- mulation in plants. Methods. A model experiment with sand culture was used to investigate the release of trace elements from preparations of humic and fulvic acids and their uptake by oat plants. Results. It was found that among biologically needed elements humic acids are enriched with iron, fulvic acids – with zinc, and copper distribution between these two groups of substances may be characterized as even. These elements have un- equal binding power with components of soil organic matter, as evidenced by their release into the cultivation medium and accumulation in plants. In the composition of fulvic acids zink has the most mobility – up to 95 % of this element is in the form, accessible for plants; the lowest mobility was demonstrated by copper in the composition with humic acids, for which no signifi cant changes in the concentration of mobile forms in the substrate and in the introduction to the test culture were registered. Despite signifi cantly higher iron content in humic acids, the application of fulvic acids in the cultivation medium provides a greater increase in the con- centration of mobile forms of this element. Conclusions. The results confi rm the important role of organic sub- stances of fulvic nature in the formation of zinc and iron mobility in the soil and their accumulation in plants.
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Fateev, A., Semenov, D., Smirnova, K., & Shemet, A. (2015). Influence of humus acids on mobility and biological availability of iron, zinc and copper. Agricultural Science and Practice, 2(1), 73-78.