Detection of antibiotics, active against Bacillus subtilis, in grain and feed

  • O. Trufanov -
  • А. Kotyk -
  • V. Trufanova -
  • О. Tereshchenko -
  • О. Zhukorskiy -
Keywords: grain, oilcake, extraction cake, antibiotics, bioautography


Aim. Detection of antibiotic substances in samples of grain, extraction cake, and oilcake. Methods. The bioautography method using strains of Bacillus subtilis as test-microorganisms was used to study 102 samples of feed substrates (corn, maize gluten, barley, wheat, sorghum, chaff, dust middling, sunfl ower oilcake and extraction cake, soybean meal, feed yeast and grains). Results. From one to four antibiotic substances, inhibiting the growth of B. subtilis and characterized by a wide range of values of chromatographic mobility index, were detected in 95 % of samples of feed substrates. Average areas of the zones of absent growth of a test- microorganism, corresponding to 2.5 g of the sample, were in the range of 52–217 mm 2 . Conclusions. It was established that feeder grain and other feed substrates are highly contaminated with antibiotics which indicates the necessity of their identifi cation, search for contamination sources, study of prevalence and estimation of the possible impact on the indices of health, performance and reproduction of farm animals and poultry.
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Trufanov, O., KotykА., Trufanova, V., TereshchenkoО., & ZhukorskiyО. (2015). Detection of antibiotics, active against Bacillus subtilis, in grain and feed. Agricultural Science and Practice, 2(1), 60-66.