The importance of agroecology in the process of well-balanced agrosphere formation

  • O. Furdуchko -
  • O. Demyanуuk -
Keywords: аgroecology science, agrosphere, sustainable development, environment, natural resources


Contemporary realities demonstrate actual features of the environmental crisis in agrosphere which is consid- ered to be both the result of technological impact on its components, and also sharp decline of public morals and the lack of foresight regarding further consequences of the collision of the long-established lifestyle. In this respect the foreground of overcoming environmental problems in the agrarian sphere is taken by the main trends in agroecology. The article discloses the signifi cance of agroecology as a fundamental of well-balanced agrosphere formation, environmental protection, rational use and renewal of natural resources and ensuring ecological safety. It is substantiated that in current complicated environmental and economic conditions agro- ecology should defi ne the development strategy of agricultural production with the obligatory account of en- vironmental, social and economic factors. The place of agroecology in the system of agrarian sciences and a number of priority tasks of agroecology at the current stage of agricultural science development and production in Ukraine are defi ned. The main aim of agroecology is to ensure sustainable production of quality and safe products, storage and renewal of natural resource potential of the agricultural sector, which means ecological safety of all branches of agricultural production with their economic feasibility. Agrosphere management calls for urgent development of new scientifi cally grounded approaches, based on the main principles of the Sus- tainable Development Concept. Thoughtful management of environmental processes in agrosphere, balanced needs of economic development and opportunities for the renewal of natural resources, comprehensive realiza- tion of environmental measures and technologies in АIC are the basis of the sustainable development of the country, life duration, strong health and well-being of present and future generations.
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FurdуchkoO., & DemyanуukO. (2015). The importance of agroecology in the process of well-balanced agrosphere formation. Agricultural Science and Practice, 2(1), 23-29.