Quinoa as a promising pseudocereal crop for Ukraine

  • S. Mosyakin -
  • V. Schwartau -
Keywords: Chenopodium quinoa, quinoa, biology, taxonomy, domestication, agricultural technologies


The article provides an assessment of perspectives of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa L.) cultivation in Ukraine, based on international experience and original fi eld tests, with the aim of ensuring further development and diversifi cation of crop production in Ukraine and expanding modern crop rotation systems. The data on the taxonomic position of quinoa and its relationships with other species of the genus Chenopodium and the history of species domestication are provided. Quinoa is a crop of high nutritional value and can be used in gluten-free diets, which are important components of human ration. The results of test cultivation of quinoa in 2013–2014 under conditions of the experimental agricultural farm of the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics, Na- tional Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, located in Vasylkiv District (rayon) of Kyiv Region (oblast), are pro- vided. It is concluded that quinoa is a promising crop for domestic grain producers. The introduction of quinoa into crop rotation systems can improve ecological conditions of agroecosystems and promote restoration of soil fertility in the country without diminishing the revenues of farmers.
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Mosyakin, S., & Schwartau, V. (2015). Quinoa as a promising pseudocereal crop for Ukraine. Agricultural Science and Practice, 2(1), 3-11. https://doi.org/10.15407/agrisp2.01.003