Agrobiology of Rhizosphere

  • N. Patyka -
  • V. Kaminsky -
Keywords: rhizosphere, soil formation, plant-microbe systems, agroecosystems


Modern trends in studying the rhizosphere agrobiology in accordance to the specifi cities and mechanisms of formation of natural functional and structural interspecies relations, the organizational components of soil formation system as well as plant-microbe interactions have been considered. It was demonstrated that the investigations at the interface of different fi elds of study (agriculture, soil science, microbiology, biogeochem- istry, etc.) allow revealing the specifi cities of the formation of the structure of taxon-wise functional diversity of rhizobacterial groups as a constituent of the complicated system of rhizosphere organization and conducting effective integration and management of soil processes in agroecosystems.
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Patyka, N., & Kaminsky, V. (2014). Agrobiology of Rhizosphere. Agricultural Science and Practice, 1(3), 69-75.