The Project of the Bioenergetic Agroecosystems Science Park

  • O. Kozachenko -
Keywords: science park, bioenergetic agroecosystems, introduction of scientifi c research and deve- lopment


A great number of novel Ukrainian technologies are used by industrial and commercial structures with the vio- lation of intellectual property rights of their authors. There are about 10 managers per one promising scientifi c idea in the developed countries, while this proportion is inverse for Ukraine: on average there is one manager per ten ideas. As a result less than 4 % of Ukrainian enterprises are active innovation-wise and over 80 % of scientifi c and technical products are non-demanded. This situation is conditioned by the development specifi ci- ties of the domestic market economy, based on trade and fi nancial transactions instead of research intensity of the production. The current state of things does not meet the requirements of the innovation-driven growth and makes wide use of modern scientifi c achievement in the agriculture impossible. Aim. To study current prob- lems of introducing the promising technological solutions into the agriculture. To recommend the mechanism of transferring scientifi c research results into production using the example of Bioenergetic Agroecosystems pilot project. To suggest the scheme of coordinating the interests of economic entities while introducing scien- tifi c research results into the production. Methods. The following approaches were used to achieve the above- mentioned aims: abstract and logical method, synthesis, analysis, and induction methods. Results. Financial, economic, and legal aspects of the innovation market were considered. Based on the domestic and foreign ana- logues of establishing the existing science parks, the mechanism of transferring scientifi c research and devel- opment in the agrarian science into production was presented. The Bioenergetic Agroecosystems pilot project was used to suggest the industrial and organizational structure of the science park. The scheme of coordinating the interests of scientifi c research institutions, the agricultural producers and the state in the development of the market of innovation products in the agrarian sector of economy was elaborated. Conclusions. The realization of novel scientifi c decisions in the production should be provided by the following means: operating mecha- nisms of their stimulation on the state level, the improvement in the qualifi cation level of scientists towards the transfer of scientifi c research and development and the elaboration of the communication infrastructure in the information support of the industry. The creation of a science park is the way of uniting the scientifi c and industrial potential into the single system of effi cient ecological land use and the example of solving economic, ecological and social issues.
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Kozachenko, O. (2014). The Project of the Bioenergetic Agroecosystems Science Park. Agricultural Science and Practice, 1(3), 50-56.