Polymorphisms in SSR-loci associated with E genes in soybean mutant lines offer perspective for breeding

  • D. Zharikova -
  • G. Chebotar -
  • E. Aksyonova -
  • I. Temchenko -
  • S. Chebotar -
Keywords: soybean, mutant lines, polymorphism, SSR-loci, microsatellite markers, E genes, photoperiod, maturity


Aim. To analyse genetic diversity in 10 new soybean lines created by using the chemical mutagens D-6, DMSSO-11, DMSSO-12, DMSNPIR-11, DUDMS12, D12DMC-11B obtained from four cultivars Femida, Oksana, Podils’ka 416, Zolotysta. The microsatellite (MS) markers Satt100, Satt229, Satt319, Satt354, Satt365, Sat_038 were used. These markers are linked with genes, which determine sensitivity of soybean plants to photoperiod and time to maturation. Methods of DNA extraction, PCR, MS-analysis, fi eld trial, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) have been applied. Results. Parental cultivars, mutant lines and control genotypes were characterized by alleles of microsatellite loci, 25 alleles of 6 microsatellite loci were detected. Signifi cant differences between investigated lines were detected in three year fi eld trials for traits − days to maturation (DTM) and length of the vegetative period (LV). We have revealed effects of the factor «Alleles of MS-locus», so alleles of Satt100 locus affected all traits except DTF (days to fl owering); alleles of Satt319 and Satt354 affected DTM and LV; Sat_038 affected DTF and S-F (duration of the period shoots-fl owering). Lines with alleles 167 bp at Satt100 and 175 bp at Satt319 loci (that marks dominant E7) were shown to have a longer vegetation period and later maturity, than other. The lines with allele 247 bp at Sat_038 fl owered earlier, than lines with a 245 bp allele, and the lines with allele 232 bp at Satt354 reached maturity later, than lines with other alleles at this locus. Conclusions. We have found that applied mutagens induce changes in the soybean genome and by using these mutagens it is possible to effectively increase genetic diversity in loci associated with genes/loci that determine time of maturity and/or photoperiod sensitivity of soybean, enabling to obtain soybean cultivars with different terms of maturity and yield. The microsatellite markers, particularly Sat_038, Satt100, Satt319 and Satt354 that were applied in our study are considered to be useful tools for marker assisted breeding of soybean cultivars with programmed time of development. We did not observe signifi cant effects of «Alleles of MS-locus Satt229» that is known to be linked with E3 on the investigated agronomical traits. For soybean genotypes with the E7 allele the DTF was longer for 3-9 days and LV for 10-11 days. In lines with an allele of 175 bp at locus Satt319 the S-F period was 6-9 days shorter
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Zharikova, D., Chebotar, G., Aksyonova, E., Temchenko, I., & Chebotar, S. (2019). Polymorphisms in SSR-loci associated with E genes in soybean mutant lines offer perspective for breeding. Agricultural Science and Practice, 6(3), 45-55. https://doi.org/10.15407/agrisp6.03.045