Emissions of Air Pollutants From the Livestock Production in Ukraine

  • O. Zhukorskyi -
  • L. Moklyachuk -
  • O. Nykiforuk -
Keywords: environmental pollutants, food-producing animals, methane emissions, beeves, pigs, poultry science, manure


Aim. To research the contribution of the poultry activity of Ukraine to emissions of environmental pollutants and estimate possible emissions by various meat production sub-sectors on the basis of their structure. Methods. We used informational databases and methods of calculating emissions of polluting substances (excluding greenhouse gases) to the atmosphere as well as methane emissions. Results. In Ukraine the cattle raising, pig rearing and poultry breeding are developed the most intensively. They provide 17.9; 31.3 and 48.9 per cent of the meat production accordingly and considerably infl uence the environment. In the structure of emissions caused by animal industry, poultry breeding includes 62-76 per cent: the mass of microorganisms getting into the air is 12.2. times higher than by cattle raising, and 2.28 times higher as to pig rearing; the level of dust emissions is 16.3 times higher than that by cattle raising, and almost 6 times exceeds the emissions caused by pig rearing. Poultry breeding causes the highest amount of hazardous emissions per 1 ton of the produced meat. Methane emissions from poultry breeding are comparatively insuffi cient; their part is only 0.3 per cent of the total number of emissions in the animal industry. Cattle raising and pig rearing make up 84.1 and 11.9 per cent accordingly. While producing 1 ton of cattle meat, 844.1 kg of methane is burst out, and 68.3 kg/t in case of pig rearing. Pig rearing has a leading position in methane emissions from manure. Conclusions. Poultry breeding makes the greatest contribution to emissions (polluting chemical substance (excluding greenhouse gases), microorganisms, dust) − ~ 72 per cent, pig rearing makes up ~ 19 per cent, other sub-sectors make up ~ 9 per cent. Cattle raising has the highest level of methane emissions – 84 per cent, as far as manure are concerned, most of methane is outburst in pig rearing – 65 per cent.
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Zhukorskyi, O., Moklyachuk, L., & Nykiforuk, O. (2014). Emissions of Air Pollutants From the Livestock Production in Ukraine. Agricultural Science and Practice, 1(2), 39-44. https://doi.org/10.15407/agrisp1.02.039