Phylogenetic Affi nities of the Globodera pallida Inferred From the mtDNA cyt-b Gene Polymorphism

  • L. Pylypenko -
  • V. Blok -
  • M. Phillips -
Keywords: Globodera pallida, mitochondrial DNA, cytochrome b gene, phylogenetic analysis


The mitochondrial cytochrome b gene marker was used to investigate the genetic variability of G. pallida populations of different origins and selection on three sources of resistance. Aim. To sequence the mitochon- drial gene cyt-b and to clarify its application as a genetic marker for intraspecifi c genetic diversity study, phylogenetic analysis and nematode virulence assessment. Methods. The cysts of nematodes were used as a source for DNA extraction. Polymerase chain reaction was performed using the specifi c primers of INRAcytbL and INRAcytbR, followed by the amplifi ed product sequencing. The nucleotide sequences were processed and aligned using software PhredPhrap, CONSED and Clustal W. MEGA-4, DNADIST software package; while PHYLIP and Arlequin were used for statistical analysis. Phylogenetic trees construction and visualization were performed using the software package PHYLIP and TREEVIEW. Results. The phylogenetic analysis based on mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequences has showed that the Ukrainian populations of G. pallida were almost identical to other populations from the Europe. Limited genetic variability was observed between G. pallida populations distributed in the Europe and Ukraine, accounting for 82.3 per cent (P < 0.05) of the genetic variability inferred from the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene polymorphisms within the populations studied. G. pallida populations selected on three sources of resistance were similar but not identical indicat- ing that changes in mtDNA haploid type frequency had taken place as a result of the selection regime, but the marker used was not yet applicable for virulence monitoring. Conclusions. The obtained data prove the hypothesis that G. pallida populations in Ukraine are the result of the continuing spread of the species within the Europe and not the consequence of additional introduction from the South America.
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Pylypenko, L., Blok, V., & Phillips, M. (2014). Phylogenetic Affi nities of the Globodera pallida Inferred From the mtDNA cyt-b Gene Polymorphism. Agricultural Science and Practice, 1(2), 3-11.