Study of the process of preparing feeding mixtures using the composite mixer

  • M. Chernovol -
  • M. Sviren -
  • R. Kisiliov -
Keywords: feed mixer, feeds, animal breeding, paddle mixer, feeding mixer, zootechnic requirements


Aim. Enhancing the quality and improving the technological process of mixing feeds using the new con- struction of the mixer and substantiating its rational parameters. Methods. Mathematical modeling theories, fundamentals of using machinery in animal breeding. Results. The estimated model of the functioning of a constructive-technological scheme of a composite mixer and the mathematical model of the dynamic interac- tion of mixer paddles and the solid mass of feeds were elaborated. It was established that the technological effi ciency of preparing the homogeneous mixture depends on physical and mechanic properties of its compo- nents, the impact and interaction between the form and geometric parameters of the attacking surface of the paddles, the slope angle, the setting increment and working modes of the mixer. Conclusions. The results of the studies confi rm the possibility of enhancing the effi ciency of the technology of preparing completely balanced feeding mixtures for cattle via the intensifi cation of the mixing process using the construction of the composite belt-paddle mixer, the elaboration of theoretical fundamentals of the interaction of feed components with the working bodies and substantiating their main constructive and technological parameters.
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Chernovol, M., Sviren, M., & Kisiliov, R. (2018). Study of the process of preparing feeding mixtures using the composite mixer. Agricultural Science and Practice, 5(1), 17-22.