Innovations of agro-food chains in Ukraine

  • O. Varchenko -
  • D. Krysanov -
  • O. Shust -
Keywords: agro-food chains, dairy product chain, innovations, dairy breeding, processing enterprises, chain actors


Modern trends of agro-food provision are summarized with the systematization of the factors of external and internal environment, which affect the innovativeness of agro-food chains. The tendencies are highlighted and the transformational processes in the agrarian sector of Ukraine, which conditioned the destruction of eco- nomic relations and the breakdown of technological links of agro-food chains, the deterioration of the indices of safety and quality of agricultural raw materials and fi nal food products, are disclosed. The challenges for the functioning of dairy products chain are analyzed with the substantiation of the fact that the process of introduc- ing the complex of innovations and systemic methods of safety should cover all the actors involved, all the sec- tors and elements of production which ensure the safety and quality of agricultural raw materials and fi nal food products. It was proven that the trends of using innovations in the dairy farming should be the achievements in the fi eld of selecting cattle and fodder crops, modern technologies of forming and restoring the livestock to provide for the increase in its resistance and competitiveness. It was substantiated that it is an urgent issue for milk processing enterprises to implement technological innovations and to form long-term partnership relations with the suppliers of raw materials in order to diversify their product portfolio and offer quality and safe dairy products. It was substantiated that the functioning of agro-food chains will be conducted under the impact of environmental challenges which requires creating the conditions and prerequisites for a higher level of their flexibility to innovations, where the priority role should be attributed to state-private partnership in the elaboration and implementation of technologies.
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Varchenko, O., Krysanov, D., & Shust, O. (2017). Innovations of agro-food chains in Ukraine. Agricultural Science and Practice, 4(3), 73-83.