Cellular and humoral immunity of carp at the action of biologically active additives

  • N. Ohorodnyk -
  • K. Smolianinov -
  • M. Ratsky -
Keywords: sugar beet, beet top harvesting, tractor, oscillations, differential equations


The work of a tractor-towed machine for cleaning beet top residues from root crop heads, when used with supporting pneumatic wheels, is accompanied with its oscillations in the vertical plane, which has consider- able impact on the quality of implementing the technological process. Therefore, the determination of opti- mal parameters for the cleaning machine, ensuring more stable movement of its cleaning working tool, in the longitudinal-vertical plane fi rst and foremost, is an important task of the mechanization of sugar beet grow- ing industry. Aim. To enhance the effi ciency of cleaning sugar beet top residues from root crop heads via the elaboration of the mathematical model of the oscillating movement of the towed machine for cleaning beet top residues from root crop heads in the longitudinal-vertical plane. Methods. The methods of building computational mathematical models for the functioning of agricultural machines and equipment, based on theoretical mechanics and advanced mathematics, were used. Results. The elaborated equivalent scheme of the movement of the towed cleaning machine was used to obtain the system of two non-linear differential equations for detailed study of the oscillations of the root crop head cleaner in the longitudinal-vertical plane while its supporting pneumatic wheels are moving along uneven soil surface. The mathematical model for the movement of the cleaner with horizontal cleaning roller, elaborated on the basis of initial dynamics equa- tions in the Lagrangian form of the second kind, allowed determining the connection between constructive and kinematic parameters of the vehicle and its oscillating characteristics. The established dependencies formed the prerequisites for further mathematical digital modelling of the parameters of the towed machine for cleaning of root crop heads with a horizontal cleaning roller. Conclusions. The established computation- al model allows optimizing the values of several parameters, characterizing the oscillations of the machine in the longitudinal-vertical plane.
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Ohorodnyk, N., Smolianinov, K., & Ratsky, M. (2017). Cellular and humoral immunity of carp at the action of biologically active additives. Agricultural Science and Practice, 4(1), 70-73. https://doi.org/10.15407/agrisp4.01.070