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1. Space Technologies in Agri-Environmental Monitoring System
V. F. Petrychenko, O.H. Tarariko, O.V. Syrotenko

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):3-12.

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2. Particle Size Distribution as a Basic Characteristic for Pedotransfer Prediction of Permanent Wilting Point
T. M. Laktionova, S. G. Nakisko

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):13-19.

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3. Bitter Substances in the Hop Lupulin
M. I. Liashenko, L. V. Protsenko, R. I. Rudyk, O. V. Svirchevska

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):20-25.

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4. Genetic Structure’s Investigation of the Ukrainian Population of the Polish Red Breed Cattle by Quantitative Trait Loci
M. L Dobrianska, T. S. Jaschuk, P. P. Dzhus, K. V. Kopylova, O. M. Zhukorskyi, K. V. Kopylov

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):26-30.

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5. Changes in the Population Density of Pathogenic Microorganisms in Response to the Allelopathic Effect of Thypha Latifolia
O. M. Zhukorskiy, O. V. Gulay, V. V. Gulay, N. P. Tkachuk

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):31-36.

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6. Molecular Epidemiology Issues of BVDV Infection in the Eastern Ukraine
B. T. Stegniy, A. P. Gerilovych, S. Vilcek, E. Peterhans, R. O. Kucheriavenko, M. Yu. Stegniy, I. V. Goraichuk, V. I. Bolotin, O. S. Solodiankin

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):37-41.

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7. Vitamin D Provision in High-Yield Dairy Cows During the Winter Housing Period
L. L. Yuskiv, V. V. Vlizlo

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):42-46.

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8. Nitrogen-Affected Florasulam and Pinoxaden Metabolism in Winter Wheat
L. М. Mykhalska, S. T. Omelchuk, V. V. Schwartau

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):47-52.

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9. Development Мodel of Winemaking Regions in Ukraine
V. V. Vlasov, I. V. Belous, L. V Dzhaburiya, Yu. Yu. Bulayeva

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):53-61.

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10. Some Aspects of the Polyhexamethyleneguanidine Salts Effect on Cell Cultures
M. S. Mandygra, A. V. Lysytsia

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):62-67.

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11. Comparative Study of Highly Pathogenic Avian Infl uenza Strains Isolated in Ukraine in 2005 and 2008
A. P. Gerilovych, B. T. Stegniy, A. B. Stegniy, M. Yu. Stegniy, K. Smietanka, Z. Minta

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):68-71.

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12. Comparative Effi ciency of Countermeasures in Agriculture at the Radionuclide-Contaminated Territories
I. M. Gudkov

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(1):72-77.

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