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V. P. Yaroshevsky

Engineering and Technological Institute «Biotechnica» NAAS 67667, Odesa Region, Biliaivka District, Hlibodarske, Maiatska dor., 26


Received December 28, 2018 / Received March 29, 2019 / Accepted July 19 , 2019
Aim. The main aim of the research was to compare different methods of fermentation medium energy effi ciency agitation. Methods. The analysis of mass transfer processes in fermenters using different methods of agitation was made. Experimental determination of energy consumption for medium agitation while using a mechanical agitator and an external circulation loop was realized. Estimation of energy effi ciency indices. Results. It was determined that energy effi ciency of agitation by circulation during the cycle of bacterial preparation Planriz BT (Biotechnica) exceeded mechanical agitation 1.3 times in case of aeration, and 2.6 times in the non-aeration mode. Conclusions. The method of agitation by circulation of fermentation medium using an external loop is more energy-effi cient compared to mechanical agitation even in the case of using a slow-speed agitator.
Key words:energy effi ciency, fermentation medium, agitation, intensity, circulation, fermenter.

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