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Archive of Agricultural Science and Practice Journal issues

List of all issues / Content of issue 2018-2
1. Biological farming in conditions of transformational changes in the agrarian production of Ukraine
V. F. Petrychenko, O. V. Korniychuk, I. S. Voronetska

Agric. sci. pract. 2018; 5(2):3-12.

Abstract & References
2. Morphogenesis of Miscanthus × Giganteus in vitro
O.L. Klyachenko, O.E. Nekrut

Agric. sci. pract. 2018; 5(2):13-17.

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3. Propagation of edible honeysuckle (Lonicera edulis Turcz) in in vitro conditions
Ya. S. Zapolsky, T. V. Medvedeva, T. A. Natalchuk, M. O. Bublyk

Agric. sci. pract. 2018; 5(2):18-26.

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4. Studying the conditions of assembling traction-drive soil-processing aggregates with tractors of traction-energy concept
V. V. Adamchuk, V. M. Bulgakov, I. V. Holovach, V. P. Kuvachov

Agric. sci. pract. 2018; 5(2):27-36.

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5. Sequestration of carbon oxide in different fertilization systems in agrocenoses
O. V. Demydenko, Yu. M. Zapasna, V. A. Velychko

Agric. sci. pract. 2018; 5(2):37-51.

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6. Investigation of properties of biologically active substances and their content in cones of ukrainian hop varieties
L. V. Protsenko, M. I. Liashenko, A. S. Vlasenko, T. P. Hryniuk, O. O. Dobrovolny

Agric. sci. pract. 2018; 5(2):52-63.

Abstract & References
7. Estimation of the effi ciency of applying nanocomposites as environmentally safe nanofertilizers to stimulate biometric indices of agricultural crops
M. V. Savchuk, M. F. Starodub, C. Bisio, M. Guidotti, M. M. Lisovyy

Agric. sci. pract. 2018; 5(2):64-76.

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