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Archive of Agricultural Science and Practice Journal issues

List of all issues / Content of issue 2017-3
1. The role of the biosphere reserve «Askania-Nova» in preserving the rare fauna of national and international importance
V. S. Havrylenko, V. P. Dumenko, I. K. Polishchuk

Agric. sci. pract. 2017; 4(3):3-12.

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2. Cytological features of pig oocytes in the process of spontaneous maturation
V. O. Lobchenko

Agric. sci. pract. 2017; 4(3):13-18.

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3. Miscanthus: genetic diversity and a method of ploidy variability identification using fluorescent cytophotometry
N. S. Kovalchuk, M. V. Roik

Agric. sci. pract. 2017; 4(3):19-27.

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4. Biological efficiency of citrates of microelements in animal breeding
R. Ya. Iskra, V. V. Vlislo, R. S. Fedoruk

Agric. sci. pract. 2017; 4(3):28-34.

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5. Alternative sources of vegetative mass for biofuels in Polissia zone
O. V. Vishnevskaya

Agric. sci. pract. 2017; 4(3):35-42.

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6. Dynamics of CO2 emission from chernozems under agricultural use
M. M. Miroshnychenko, O. P. Siabruk

Agric. sci. pract. 2017; 4(3):43-49.

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7. Agrogenesis of regraded chernozem and the performance of grain crops under organic system of fertilization
O. V. Demydenko, V. V. Prybluda, Yu. M. Zapasna, V. A. Velychko

Agric. sci. pract. 2017; 4(3):50-61.

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8. Ecological specificities of the interaction between animal breeding and climate changes, caused by greenhouse gas emissions
O. M. Zhukorsky, O. V. Nykyforuk, N. P. Boltyk

Agric. sci. pract. 2017; 4(3):62-72.

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9. Innovations of agro-food chains in Ukraine
O. M. Varchenko, D. F. Krysanov, O. A. Shust

Agric. sci. pract. 2017; 4(3):73-83.

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