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1. Theory of motion controllability of a wheel machine-tractor aggregate
V. V. Adamchuk, V. M. Bulgakov, V. T. Nadykto, I. V. Golovach

Agric. sci. pract. 2016; 3(2):3-10.

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2. Changes in organic part of the soil and acid-base balance depending on green manure fertilization in podzolized chernozem
G. M. Hospodarenko, O. L. Lysianskyi

Agric. sci. pract. 2016; 3(2):11-18.

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3. Determining the quality of diterpene glycosides, obtained from stevia leaves
M. V. Royik, I. V. Kuznetsova, V. O. Holodniak, V. S. Mazayeva

Agric. sci. pract. 2016; 3(2):19-25.

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4. Impact of sewage sludge application on the humus state of sod-podzolic soil of subcarpathia under energetic willow plantation
V. І. Lopushniak, G. M. Hrytsulyak

Agric. sci. pract. 2016; 3(2):26-31.

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5. Impact of the biological preparation Extrakon on photosynthetic apparatus, enzymatic activity of antioxidant enzymes and performance of spring wheat plants in the host-pathogen system
G. B. Guliayeva, I. P. Tokovenko, L. A. Pasichnyk, M. V. Patyka

Agric. sci. pract. 2016; 3(2):32-41.

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6. Association between leptin receptor gene polymorphism and quality of both meat and back fat in large white pigs of ukrainian breeding
V. N. Balatsky, I. B. Bankovska, A. M. Saienko

Agric. sci. pract. 2016; 3(2):42-48.

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7. The impact of different fertilization systems on content, composition, energy intensity of organic matter in chernozem soil
Ye. V. Skrylnik

Agric. sci. pract. 2016; 3(2):49-55.

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8. Role of chromium (III) in the nutrition of pigs and cattle
R. Ya. Iskra, V. V. Vlizlo, R. S. Fedoruk

Agric. sci. pract. 2016; 3(2):56-62.

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9. Self-regulation and management of fertility restoration of typical chernozem in agroecosystems
O. V. Demydenko, V. A. Velichko

Agric. sci. pract. 2016; 3(2):63-78.

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