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1. Experimental Study of the Impact of Alisma plantago-aquatica Secretions on Pathogenic Bacteria
O. M. Zhukorskyy, O. V. Hulay

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):3-7.

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2. Use of anhydrous ammonia in improving the nitrogen utilization effi ciency in winter wheat plantings
M. M. Miroshnychenko, Ye. Yu. Hladkikh, A. V. Revtye, S. V. Halushka, L. M. Mykhal’ska, V. V. Schwartau

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):8-14.

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3. The usage of cell selection in vitro in the creation of tomato and eggplants breeding lines with resistance to fusarium (Fuzarium oxysporum)
T. V. Ivchenko, S. I. Kornienko, T. M. Miroshnichenko, H. V. Mozgovska

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):15-21.

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4. Polymorphism of the gene pol of the bovine leukemia virus
A. P. Gerilovych, B. T. Stegniy, O. Yu. Limanska, S. K. Gorbatenko

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):22-25.

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5. Orientation of nitrogen transformation processes in the soil with corn growing under the different fertilization practices
V. V. Volkogon, O. M. Berdnikov, S. B. Dimova, M. V. Volkogon

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):26-31.

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6. Development of highly pathogenic avian infl uenza and Newcastle disease surveillance means on the basis of molecular and genetic techniques
B. T. Stegniy, A. P. Gerilovych, A. B. Stegniy

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):32-36.

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7. Sex Determination Systems Based on PCR for Salmonids Reared in Ukraine
Yu. P. Rud, I. I. Grytsyniak

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):37-42.

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8. Wind erosion resistance of steppe soils of Ukraine
S. G. Chornyy, O. V. Pismenniy

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):43-49.

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9. The Project of the Bioenergetic Agroecosystems Science Park
O. A. Kozachenko

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):50-56.

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10. Effectiveness of complex inoculation of spring wheat with N2 -fi xing bacteria Azospirillum brasilense and mold-antagonist Chaetomium cochliodes
E. P. Kopylov

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):57-61.

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11. Productivity of maize hybrids of different FAO groups depending on conditions of irrigation and dosage of fertilizers in the southern steppe of Ukraine
R. A. Vozhegova, Yu. O. Lavrynenko, T. V. Glushko

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):62-68.

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12.Agrobiology of Rhizosphere
N. V. Patyka, V. F. Kaminsky

Agric. sci. pract. 2014; 1(3):69-75.

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